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April 15, 2022

Dear Mr Gill,

Thank you for your prompt response and the willingness of you and your team to help us.

 As noted in my letter of April 8th, we do have two specific requests for your assistance;

  1. We request you to enact the appropriate provincial regulation(s), to stop the Nelson application for expansion and to protect the community and the natural environment.  Our legal counsel has advised that you and your government can use the following regulatory tools to stop this application:

    1. Niagara Escarpment Plan Designation: The Province of Ontario, can initiate an NEP Amendment, adding to the already existing designations of NEP “Escarpment Natural Area” and “Escarpment Protection Area” on the Mount Nemo plateau, as was recommended by the Commission in the 2015 Plan Review under David Crombie; or

    2. Regulation under the Greenbelt Plan policy: A change to the Greenbelt Plan policy could increase the quarry “no go” boundary to include Burlington, defining “settlement areas” to include the Mount Nemo hamlet and surrounding residential areas; or 

    3. ARA Regulation for Flyrock: The Province can amend O. Reg. 244/97 as follows: “28. A licensee or permittee shall be prohibited from blasting if a sensitive receptor, residential community, or road traffic is located within 500m” 

  2. We also request you and your government support the recommendation of the Reform Gravel Mining Coalition and enact a temporary pause on all new gravel mining approvals until an independent panel can audit the existing supply of licensed aggregate in Ontario and conduct a broad consultation process in order to chart a new path forward.  

Are you able to commit to these two requests for your assistance? 

 We would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you at your earliest convenience to discuss the path forward on both of these requests.



 Gord Pinard

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