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We're On A Salamander Rescue Mission

Jefferson Salamanders  are a delicate endangered species that breed in the springtime melt-pools that form in the woodlands on Burlington's escarpment. They cannot survive the assault on their breeding grounds by a massive open-pit mining operation in their environmental neighbourhood. We've hired a biologist to do the science necessary to make the case against Nelson Aggregate's claims that they can mitigate the impact of their new pits on this (and other) tender species. We need help from like-minded people to fund our biologist. 

Donate $100 and Adopt-a-Jeff

For a minimum $100 donation you 'adopt' a 24-inch salamander, hand-cut by a local craftsman from acrylic, and ready to be painted and/or labelled with your name. We'll display your salamander at our Jeff Exhibit on the east side of Cedar Springs Road, between Number Two Sideroad and Number One. 


IF you want to paint your salamander yourself, we'll supply you with materials to paint and label your Jeff. You'll need to pick your Jeff up at a location in North Burlington. We'll share those details once you place your order.


If  you can't make it to North Burlington to retrieve your Jeff, (or you're not feeling artistic) but still want to Adopt-A-Jeff, no problem: we'll paint it for you and label it with your name. If you'd rather remain anonymous, that's fine by us, too. Your Jeff may remain nameless. We'll email you with a picture once your Jeff is on display in our exhibit.


 Fill out the form adopt your Jeff.

Adopt-A-Jeff Order Form
Select an option
Please send us a mimimum of $100 per Jeff. How Will You Pay?

Burlington's Jefferson Salamanders thank you! We do, too.

Now that you've done something to help save the irreplaceable homes of these irreplaceable wonders, please enjoy this song written and performed by Mt. Nemo's 
long-time salamander protector
, Sarah Harmer.

"Salamandre, Salamandre
Il faut m'aider comprendre
Touts les mysteres de la foret
La carte secrete, l'arbre d'oree
Patientement, je vous attends


(Salamander, Salamander
You have to help me understand
All the mysteries of the forest
The secret map, the golden tree
I'm waiting for you patiently.)

Sarah Harmer 

A huge thanks to Braniff Intercity Glass for generously suppying CORE Burlington with the acrylic needed to make our Jeff's. Your support is greatly appreciated!

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