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Please send us a mimimum of $100 per Jeff. How Will You Pay?

Burlington's Jefferson Salamanders thank you! We do, too.

Now that you've done something to help save the irreplaceable homes of these irreplaceable wonders, please enjoy this song written and performed by Mt. Nemo's 
long-time salamander protector
, Sarah Harmer.

"Salamandre, Salamandre
Il faut m'aider comprendre
Touts les mysteres de la foret
La carte secrete, l'arbre d'oree
Patientement, je vous attends


(Salamander, Salamander
You have to help me understand
All the mysteries of the forest
The secret map, the golden tree
I'm waiting for you patiently.)

Sarah Harmer 

A huge thanks to Braniff Intercity Glass for generously suppying CORE Burlington with the acrylic needed to make our Jeff's. Your support is greatly appreciated!

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