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Protect Burlington's Backyard

from a 664 acre Mega-Quarry


CRITICAL Deadline: April 26, 2021

for essential Objection Letters to the Niagara Escarpment Commission



NELSON AGGREGATE requires an amendment to the Niagara Escarpment Plan in order to achieve approval for its application to increase their open-pit mining operation by a massive 124 acres on Burlington's Mt. Nemo, on the Niagara Escarpment.

EVEN IF you've already sent a letter to other officials you STILL NEED TO SEND A LETTER TO THE NEC in order to influence the Niagara Escarpment Commission's decision to approve or DISAPPROVE Nelson Aggregate's sought-after amendment. IF you've already sent a letter, you may copy and paste that same letter into the BOX BELOW, or simply submit the form letter.

The NEC will accept your comments until April 26, 2021

We wouldn't want to say that we sat silently by and allowed another 124 acres of our irreplaceable Escarpment green lands and farmland to be permanently destroyed...blasted into a "lunar landscape".

NOTE: your comments will also be forwarded to the the Mayor of Burlington, Mayor Meed Ward; MPP's Parm Gill and Jane McKenna; Halton Regional Chair, Gary Carr; as well as nine other officials and counselors.

Submit Your Objection Comments Below:

If you wish to modify the above form letter by adding a more 'expert tone' to it, click on any of the following topics below. You'll be taken to more in-depth material that you may copy-and-paste into the form letter, as you wish.

Now, take a moment to solemnly study this satellite scene of Nelson Aggregate's current 540-acre pit

on Burlington's Mt. Nemo.

Then ask yourself this: do we  condemn another 124 acres of precious prime farmland and

close-to-market green lands to this same fate? 


Or do we say: NO.

Mt. Nemo has given enough.

"What branches grow out of this stony rubbish?"

T.S. Eliot - The Wasteland

"I think your atmosphere is hurting my eyes,

and your concrete mountains are blacking out the skies."

Five Man Electrical Band - I'm A Stranger Here

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