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CORE Burlington supporters sent a formidable 1,962 objection comments to the Niagara Escarpment Commission this past April 2021, demanding that the commission do its duty to protect this precious piece of the escarpment from yet another assault by Nelson Aggregate, with its application to blast 124 acres of prime farmland and greenlands into a lunar landscape. Let's hope the NEC is listening to what the people are demanding.

Now Here's Our Letter to the NEC...

NEC CORE comments_pg1.png
NEC CORE comments_pg2.png
NEC CORE comments_pg3.png
NEC CORE comments_pg4.png
NEC CORE comments_pg5.png
NEC CORE comments_pg6.png
NEC CORE comments_pg7.png
NEC CORE comments_pg8.png
NEC CORE comments_pg9.png
NEC CORE comments_pg10.png
NEC CORE comments_pg11.png
NEC CORE comments_pg12.png
NEC CORE comments_pg13.png
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