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The Escarpment Needs Your Help

Updated: May 27, 2020

Did you know that Nelson/Lafarge Aggregate plans to blast two new open-pit mines in the heart of Burlington’s precious and unique Niagara Escarpment lands?

We Need to Raise A Lot of Money

CORE Burlington needs to raise $100,000 this year—and much more in the future—in order to put together a strong case against this bad idea of yet another quarry on Mount Nemo. We plan to hire technical experts to review and counter the Nelson Aggregate information. Additionally, we will require legal guidance to navigate the many layers of legislative policies and regulations.

We’ve already hired a lawyer: David Donnelly. Mr. Donnelly is the same lawyer who fought and won the last quarry fight on Mt. Nemo in the early 2000’s. We at CORE have the highest confidence in Mr. Donnelly, whom we believe to be the most effective lawyer for taking on the aggregate industry. Nelson LaFarge is a huge multi-national partnership which we assume has deep pockets. During the last quarry fight, which continued for nearly eight years, the local community action group, PERL (Protecting Escarpment Rural Lands) raised and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to add to the science against more open-pit mining on Mount Nemo.

Nelson's repeated new quarry applications are costing us all a lot of money and property value—not to mention, increasing our anxiety. Nelson Aggregate has already been blasting limestone out of Mount Nemo for nearly seventy years. We at CORE Burlington believe that as a company they've had a good run at profiting from the destruction of the current 540 acres of countryside in north Burlington. We believe the citizens in this area have 'done their time' supporting the aggregate extraction industry. It's time for Nelson to keep their long held promise to stop quarrying at their current site and to allow a lake to form. And definitely, no more new quarries on Burlington's Escarpment lands.

Once It's Gone, It's Gone

The beautiful Escarpment is Burlington's backyard: a green jewel set amidst the urban and suburban sprawl of the GTHA. We need to protect this gem, for ourselves, yes, but even more so, for the coming generations—let's spare them fifty more years of open-pit mining.

Please donate to our ‘fight fund.’ It goes without saying (but we’ll say it anyway) that every dollar counts, every dollar encourages. Let’s show Nelson LaFarge Aggregate that we too have deep pockets (and a strong intent) on our side of this fight.

You can make your donation in three ways:

(1) Use the donate button on our Home Page

(2) make an e-bank transfer to:

(3) mail us a cheque, made out to CORE Burlington, and mailed to: CORE. PO Box 20051. Brant Hills PO. Burlington, Ontario L7P 3NO

CORE does not have registered charitable status (we are an advocacy group) and is unable to provide a tax deduction receipt for your donation. We will, however, send you a receipt for your records. And of course, we extend to you our heartfelt appreciation for any support you send our way.

Thank you on behalf of all our CORE volunteers,


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