Letter From Sameera Ali
Liberal Candidate for Provincial Legislature, Milton (and North Burlington)
May 27, 2022

"As you know both as a local Councillor and as a candidate of the Ontario Liberal Party, I have always been vocal about protecting local residents from potential negative impacts on health or environment that proposed gravel sites may cause.


I have and will always be a strong advocate for stronger regulatory processes and comprehensive environmental assessments prior to the approval of any new gravel pits. I will also champion stronger oversight of the existing pits so that we can prevent irreversible harm on our health or environment.


I am also proud to say that Ontario Liberal Party has already committed to designating 30% land in Ontario to be protected lands and expand the Greenbelt. We also have committed to creating 5 new provincial parks. Implementation of these policies will be dependent on wide ranging consultation across the province and I look forward to working with you to advocate for incorporating some parts of our province within those designated land so that we can preserve the biodiversity and the pristine environment that our riding has been blessed with. 


The Ford government deliberately gutted the local Conservation Authorities and weakened their power. An Ontario Liberal government will reverse those changes and strengthen the Conservation Authorities so that they can preserve wetlands, farmlands, biodiversity and environmentally sensitive areas. Conservation authorities and other environmental protection legislations were created over the years to act as 'checks and balances' against special interests of powerful lobbyists, rich corporations and their effort to trample environmental concerns to make room for their pet projects. To protect our environment and our communities from irreparable damage, Ontario Liberals will drive systemic changes so that any threats to our environment can be tackled immediately let alone letting it grow to the point it has in our community.


Finally, our plan involves mandatory community consultations for development or infrastructure projects in contrast to Ford Conservatives' approach of bypassing them by all means. I have made it abundantly clear that your voice matters to me. The concerns that you share with me are issues that I not only take into consideration but also inform the leadership of our Party of so that they can develop policies that honor those feedback. I am also proud to say that under the leadership of Steven Del Duca we have been able to develop a plan that reflect those feedback and the issues that voters like you raised. This is why I am in this race. I am working relentlessly to voice the concerns that my neighbours share with me. I am in it to fight for your right to breathe fresh air, drink clean water and to raise a family in pristine environment. Those are​exactly the reasons I did not just stop at supporting all of the items that you mentioned in your email but also providing you with a clear plan explaining how I will stand up for you. 


Join with me in this journey as we make change happen!"

Kindest Regards,

Sameera Ali