The 20 Day Rule applies to everyone who sent an objection letter to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) and Nelson Aggregate in Oct-Dec 2020.

In your letter you objected to Nelson Aggregate's plans to blast two new open-pit mines on Burlington's Escarpment.

Nelson MUST respond to your letter anytime between now and October 27, 2022.


If you are not satisfied with Nelson Aggregate’s response to your issues and concerns you MUST reconfirm your objections to Nelson within 20 days after you receive their reply.


IF you DO NOT reply, restating your dissatisfaction within 20 days, your objections will be deemed as "satisfied" and your name and letter will be deleted from the list of official objectors.

All you need do write is something like this (please feel free to cut-and-paste the following):


"I am writing to reconfirm my objections to Nelson Aggregate's application to expand its quarry in Burlington. I am not satisfied with Nelson's responses to my concerns. I was never consulted by any Nelson representatives regarding my objections."


If you do NOT reply within the 20 day window it will be as if you never raised your voice in opposition.

You will NOT have official standing in the further approval/disapproval process.

Your letter will not be entered into the official record.

IMPORTANT: Please CC on your response to Nelson.

In a statement posted on Nelson's website, they write that "Independent studies" conclude that their application to blast 124 additional acres in Burlington's Mt. Nemo would "have no adverse environmental impact."


CORE Burlington begs to differ.

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