CRITICAL Deadline: December 14, 2020

For Essential Objection Letters to the MNRF

(Ministry of Natural Resources & Forestry)

IF you do NOT submit your comments by December 14th, you will miss a CRITICAL element in our fight against Nelson Aggregate's application to blast two more open-pit mines on Burlington's Escarpment: an UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve.

It is extremely important that you officially voice your opposition to the MNRF, because this ministry is one of several key agencies responsible for the decisions being made regarding Nelson's application.

If you have already written a letter to the City of Burlington, you may use that letter again (or parts of it) in your comments to the MNRF. We suggest your letter emphasize your issues, concerns or objections to this application for two more pits.


We’ve created a 'how-to' list below which provides step-by-step instructions. This list does look a bit daunting at first, but be assured that we want your voices to be received and heard. We know that your resolve to protect our living Escarpment will not, MUST not, be worn down by this somewhat clunky, somewhat confusing, approval process. Isn’t it something, that you can use the power of your written word to fight a quarry?

Follow our easy step-by-step instructions

STEP 1: Open a WORD or other text document

STEP 2: Copy and paste our CORE Burlington letter template onto your document.  Click the button below to access our letter template in a new window. After you've cut-and-pasted the sample letter, come back to this page to finish following these instructions.

STEP 3: Modify your letter to include the parts that resonate with you, add your personal experience, fact-based comments or other expertise. If you wish to add a more 'expert' tone to your letter, please click on any of the following topics below. You'll be taken to more in depth material that you may cut-and-paste from as well.

STEP 4: You must include your full name and complete postal mailing address, including postal code. If you choose to email your comments, also add your email address to your name and postal address.

STEP 5: Save the document to your computer 

STEP 6: Open a new email. 

This is important: 
Your letter MUST be sent to both MNRF and Nelson Aggregate, and MUST include your full mailing address, including postal code. Without your full mailing address your letter will not be accepted. 

Please copy and paste ALL these recipient emails:



Subject: Nelson Aggregate Burlington Comment 

STEP 7: Copy and paste the content of your document into the body of the email. 
OR add your saved letter as an attachment.

Step 8: SEND. Give yourself a pat on the back for standing up for our living escarpment. 
ALTERNATIVELY: You can send your letters by Canada Post to the addresses below:


Ministry of Natural Resurces & Forestry
Integrated Aggregate Operations Section
4th Floor S, 300 Water Street
Peterborough, ON K9J 3C7


Nelson Aggregate Co. Attn. Tecia White
2433 No. 2 Sideroad
P.O. Box 1070
Burlington, ON L7R 4L8


CORE Burlington
PO BOX 20051
Burlington, ON L7P 3N0

Once you've sent your letter, ask your spouse / partner or other adult member of your household to submit their own comment letter, including their address.

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